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After Jacqueline and shipping tycoon's wedding, Valentino Garavani received numerous request to copy Jacqueline wedding! That is the case, let Valentino's rise to fame in the royal family.

In 1995, the American billionaire's daughter Marie Chantel marry the Crown Prince of Greece, or please Valentino wedding dress design, this time let Valentino went into a new generation of Princess sight. Marie Chantel This passage romantic and full of fairy tale wedding again let Valentino wedding dress fame Jacqueline available in almost 30 years after soaring! Since then, Valentino States formally contracted royal wedding dress.

A major feature of Valentino wedding dress is long skirt and veil, dragging behind really like fairy ah!

In 2002, the wedding of King and Queen Maxima of the Netherlands WillemAlexander, Princess Maxima is wearing a Valentino wedding dress.

June 8, 2013, with "Europe's most beautiful princess," said the Swedish Princess Madeleine is wearing a Valentino dress married.

Princess Madeleine wedding petticoat part by the thin glass yarn and top Hong Tilly ivory white lace made in France, as much as 4 meters long wedding dress long, comprehensive thorn fragrant French lace veil Tilly 6 more public feet long. So long princess wedding dress is also very hard to do ~

90 seconds to know not only Princess of Monaco, the royal wedding has been contracted by Valentino

This was also the fashion designer Valentino Garavani designed to last a wedding, who retired in 2008 fashion, "emperor", and again in the spotlight of the fashion industry.

2014 Colombia's richest man family heiress Tatiana San Domingo and the Prince of Monaco Andrea Casiraghi religious wedding held in Switzerland, the ceremony, the bride wore a Valentino dress also.

According to the Valentino brand revealed that the bride wore a cloak dragged by the double cashmere woven into, and with mink lining. Hat design also protects the bride's hair and delicate in the snow crown.

2014 Prince Amedeo of Belgium and Italian aristocracy Elisabetta Rosboch von Wolkenstein married, wedding bride choose advanced custom wedding Valentino is Valentino creative director Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli tailored for her wedding.

When the Queen of Hearts and Anne Hathaway married Adam Shulman also Valentino wedding wear, wedding design from nature, pink and tender wedding hearts flying people to see also. Coupled with Anne Hathaway trademark smile, but also do not have a sweet!

Volume blessing secretly married news is so many fans heartbroken, his wife Sophie Hunter boarded blessing volume within "VOGUE" the April issue of the American version of the story page, Valentino dressed advanced customization is creative director Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli together to complete series of wedding ~

Supermodel fairies Frida Gustavsson and photographer boyfriend Hjalmar Rechlin married, Mimi braided hair and wearing a Valentino dress Dada, simple and beautiful.

Just recently, the two major US chaebol Hilton family and the Rothschilds marriage, 2-Miss Hilton - Nicky Hilton is wearing Valentino wedding marry.

The year when the wedding will Fok Guo Jingjing to Europe's selected a section Pronovias wedding Valentino, extremely luxurious worth up 220,000 Hong Kong dollars (about 178,000 yuan RMB).